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How to cope with taking HIV meds for life

People with HIV get depressed more often than those without the virus. This can make it hard to take their daily, lifelong medication correctly. In this Health Beat episode, we visit someone who has been taking ARVs for 22 years and ask experts if allowing nurses to prescribe antidepressants would help.

0:19 Intro

1:44 Meet Yvette Raphael, an HIV activist

5:40 Mia Malan sits down with Prof. John Joska, from the UCT HIV Mental Health Research Unit 10:46 Mia Malan sits down with Marnie Vujovich, a clinical psychologist from Themba Lethu Clinic

14:26 Professor of Pharmacology at UKZN, Andy Gray, explains the changes needed for nurses to be able to prescribe psychiatric medication

18:38 Mia Malan sits down with Prof Francois Venter, Director of Ezintsha Research Centre


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