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Integration of mental health and HIV interventions



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People living with HIV are at high risk of mental, nervous system and substance use disorders and mental health disorders can affect general health, adherence to ARV drugs and retention in care. Although chronic HIV care settings provide an opportunity to support and integrate the management of mental health disorders among people living with HIV, this is often overlooked by health systems. Despite effective prevention and treatments for common mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, and substance use conditions in people living with HIV which can be implemented in low- and middle-income countries, treatment and care for these conditions are often not integrated into packages of essential services and care.

This joint publication by UNAIDS and WHO emphasizes the importance of integrating HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care and mental health services for people living with HIV. It provides a compilation of tools, best practices, recommendations and guidelines that facilitate the integration of interventions and services to address the interlinked issues of mental health and HIV. This publication is intended for global, regional and national policy-makers; programme implementers including at subnational levels; organizations working in and providers of HIV and mental health services; civil society; and community-based and community-led organizations and advocates.

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Integration of mental health and HIV interventions

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