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Mental Health within HIV Guidelines: Agenda (English)



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HIV & Mental Health Project

Mental Health within HIV Guidelines - Webinar

9 November 2023, 17:00-18:30 CET (18:00-19:30 EET)

Over the past few years, the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) has been working in a focused

way on various aspects of HIV & Mental Health1. During a couple of webinars on this topic earlier this

year, the need was identified for updated HIV care guidelines across Europe and Central Asia that

included more detail about mental health. For example, previous webinar participants noted services

and professionals using outdated mental health diagnostic criteria or guidelines, e.g. being a trans

person seen as a mental health disorder; lacking awareness of the complexities of living with HIV; and

using outdated stigmatising approaches in the mental health care of people living with HIV.

Mental Health within HIV care guidelines is a follow-up webinar to explore some of the issues

involved in updating existing standards of mental health care for people living with HIV in Europe and

Central Asia. Updated standards relative to the mental health of people living with HIV could be more

comprehensive, including serious as well as more common conditions, impacts of ageing, stigma,

referral protocols back and forth across clinical and community settings, issues specific to adolescents,

competencies for all providers whether professionals or lay/peers, etc.

The webinar is open to people involved in developing and updating HIV care guidelines relative to the

mental health of people living with HIV, professionals and lay/peer/community workers in the field,

pharmaceutical representatives, researchers, and people living with HIV with expertise on the issues.

Live interpretation in English and Russian will be provided.

After the webinar, a summary will be produced of initial recommendations for updating existing HIV

care guidelines to better address the mental health needs of people living with HIV.

Mental Health within HIV Guidelines: Agenda (English)

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