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EATG HIV & Mental Health Briefing Paper



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In 2020 and 2021, EATG carried out a literature review, a community survey on mental health and HIV and convened two workshops to discuss results and implications for health service providers and community organisations. This document provides a summary of recommendations that emerged from these to improve the provision of mental health services for people living with and affected by HIV in Europe and Central Asia. Similarly, to what we have witnessed in approaching other complex subjects such as sexual practices, drug use or sex work, the attitudes and knowledge of HIV healthcare professionals regarding mental health vary. HIV specialists are not necessarily comfortable asking specific questions related to mental health symptoms and will not necessarily have the tools to carry out assessments of the mental health of people living with / affected by HIV. Additionally, HIV healthcare professionals are often not aware of the potential impact of mental health on the quality of life of people living with / affected by HIV (including adherence to treatment and risk-taking behaviours).

EATG HIV & Mental Health Briefing Paper

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