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Europe and Central Asia HIV & Mental Health Platform

On this Platform, we aim to explore and discuss Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia, facilitating the exchange of experiences between community-led organizations in addressing Mental Health needs and professionals in the field. Our long-term aim is to improve these services.

Webinar: Mental Health within HIV Guidelines,

 9 November 2023
HIV and Mental Health Platform

We will be initiating conversations around HIV, Mental Health, and Psychosocial support services for People Living with HIV and affected by HIV.


The Platform will also build a library of a variety of resources, recent literature, articles, and topics related to addressing HIV and Mental Health.


We call on all workers to emphasise wellness, stigma-free and integrated services for people living with and affected by HIV, and continuing education #StigmaFree

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Here is a list of possible Groups that Platform members may be interested in setting up as our discussions progress.

  • Common mental health issues, e.g. depression, anxiety/stress or phobias related to living with or being vulnerable to HIV.

  • Workforce issues, e.g. training for community workers (lay, volunteer and/or peers) in HIV and mental health/psychosocial support. 

  • Task shifting and deinstitutionalisation (redistribution of tasks among health workforce teams, emphasising the role of community-based services). 

  • Substance use disorders and mental health, e.g. including problematic chemsex.

  • Healthy ageing and mental health.

  • Stigma and discrimination specific to mental health issues.

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