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The Syndemics that Complicate and Characterize How Drugs and HIV Intersect in People’s Lives

Methamphetamine Use, HIV, and Mental Health Issues

A 2020 NIDA-supported study showed that as many as one in three new HIV transmissions among sexual and gender minorities who have sex with men were in people who regularly use methamphetamine.

Many participants reported using methamphetamine to enhance sexual experiences, sometimes called “partying and playing.” Other NIDA-funded research shows that individuals who use methamphetamine are more likely to have sex without HIV prevention; to have mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder; and are more likely to have detectable HIV viral loads and less likely to take HIV treatment and prevention medication.

Fortunately, approaches that emphasize compassion and flexibility over judgment show promise in helping people who use meth achieve their health goals, take medication, and reduce their drug use or stay safer when they are using.

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